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Custom dog wheelchairs  on a budget
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Welcome to Discount Dog Carts

When our 8 year old dachshund, Drake had become disabled due to a ruptured disc in the fall of 2007, we needed to find a low-cost alternative to help him regain mobility.  We wanted to find a cart that would suit his needs, but were on a limited budget.  Since Drake's lower portions of his body were paralyzed, he was also rendered incontinent.  Cleanliness was equally important as rear support when considering a doggie-wheelchair.  After deciding to make our own, and with a creative boost,the Drakemobile was born. 

Months after a ruptured disc left our dachshund paralyzed in the lower half of his body, he is just as spry, full of energy, mobile, and most importantly, just as happy as he has ever been!  Drake's new lease on life is due largely in part to our dog cart.  We know that our case is not unique.  Many dogs across the country face a similar fate.  This is why we want to share our cart with you. 

The Drakemobile is assembled with durable, lightweight PVC pipe, adjustable leather seat, and thick foam wheels.  The support acts as a footrest, and protects feet from dragging.  Although we sacrifice aesthetics for function, we believe this is the ultimate dog wheelchair.  At nearly half the cost of other dog carts, we also customize each cart to your dog's size.   

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